Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect Circle at Azura Amphitheater

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Azura Amphitheater | Bonner Springs, Kansas


We cannot think of anything more enjoyable that going through the stadium doors at a huge alternative performance? Nope either can we! We are thrilled to announce that the stunning Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect Circle is on tour again for spring, 2024! Isn't that THE leading idea of a Tuesday night! Well, that might be what you're up to this April! SO! SCRIBBLE THIS IN YOUR PLANNER - Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect Circle down at Azura Amphitheater of Kansas, Bonner Springs on Tuesday 30th April 2024....tickets available right here too! If you want to grab right away just scroll to the 'get tickets' button and follow it....do not miss out - jump in on the action this spring!

Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect Circle has been sweeping the nation this year, tickets sales are an all time high and fanatics hammered down the door to get their hands on them! Puscifer, Primus & A Perfect Circle seems to be on the tips of everybody tongues these days and we get it because there isn't anywhere near as excellent an act on the alternative music scene, so obviously fanatics are going wild! The anticipated spring, 2024 tour of the states will make a Bonner Springs pitstop in April. There has been a lot of talk about where the evening will be held, and thankfully on this occasion, it'll be at nowhere else but the unbelievable Azura Amphitheater, Bonner Springs, Kansas, renowned for it's stunning features, the excellent service, the wonderful choices of refreshments on offer and the well situated location. Azura Amphitheater is a first choice place and will only add to the ambience of the evening on Tuesday 30th April 2024. Select the button above to get your tickets this instant!

Puscifer at Azura Amphitheater

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